Increasing Bio Diversity

Time and nature are amazing things. When we first arrived here 5 or so years ago, all that grew here was a few trees and and a forest of Budlia.There was little soil, and that was pretty toxic - and I mean toxic after years of industrial use and being used as a tip for goodness knows what.We have carefully cleared the land and built up the soil naturally (no use of chemicals, everything natural or organic if you wish) to create a thriving patch of land that is not only supporting plant life but insects, bees, butterfly's, moths and assorted of tiny creatures. The use of raised beds and planting in pots all helps. By increasing the diversity of the insect life here, we now have a good variety of birds visiting. The morning and evening chorus are wonderful. It has taken time and a lot of hard work but it's been worth it. Photos are ones of the plants that now grow in what was once quite hostile ground and a couple of our flying visitors.