Recycling and Making a Bench


Here at Urban Moorings we like to think we are pretty good at helping each other out, recycling stuff and such. Well yesterday (Wednesday) was a good example of this. Janet and Alan, two friends and Urban Moorings volunteers, needed a smallish outdoor table for their strawberry plants. Having recently replaced some fencing in their garden they had some old wood that they could use but we're not certain on how to do it. Up steps John, a master of putting stuff together and making it work and what do you get -- a two foot square, robust strawberry table with shelf built in no time. Using Urban Moorings tools, Janet and Alan's wood, Alan acting as labourer to John (lol), Janet making the tea, and a bit of other scrap wood we had lying around, well in the woodshed. Amazing what can be achieved when people work together. Still think Janet did the most important job - making the tea.

Painting and Cladding Community Shed
Volunteer Day